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HSBC Analyst Gets Knife Pulled On Him For Going On A Date One Day After Breaking Up With His Girlfriend, Spends Two Months (And Counting) In Jail

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Toby Carroll is a New Zealand-born real estate analyst for HSBC currently stationed in Dubai. If you're a colleague in the field currently trying to get in touch with him, you'll have to wait a bit longer, because he currently in prison.

Apparently Carroll had gone out on a date-- their first-- with a British woman named Danielle Spencer, who he took back to his flat following dinner and drinks. Things went pretty well and she woke up there the next morning. Carroll's ex-girlfriend, identified only as a Brazilian named Priscilla, then showed up and being none too pleased to see the new girl in her ex-boyfriend's bed, "took a knife to the furniture and fittings, slashing them, before turning to Miss Spencer who fled terrified into the bathroom and locked herself in." It was when Priscilla began trying to put the knife through the door that Carroll realized things might get out of hand and called the police.

All three were arrested and have been held in underground cells ever since, with Spencer and Carroll supposedly being questioned "in relation to possible charges of sex outside the marriage," which would make a smidge of sense if Priscilla and Carroll had been married? For their part, HSBC has been fairly understanding, telling the Telegraph, "We can confirm that he is an employee, that he is in custody and that we are in contact with him" and presumably holding his job. And, some good news! Spencer and Priscilla, who were placed in the same cell, "have become friends."

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