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If You Need Steve Cohen, He'll Be At The Piano Bar

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The piano bar in Davos that is, where the Big Guy is headed this week for the first time ever. Once in Switzerland he'll do whatever it is people do during the day (talk about Ideas?) and then presumably meet up with the gang (World Economic Forum mascots Nouriel Roubini, George Soros, et al) for some late night drunk karaoke at PB in the Tonic Hotel. If you've a request, get it in now. [Dealbook]


Steve Cohen Needs To Go Stress Shopping, STAT

In objective terms, worse things have happened to Steve Cohen than the news he received today. The charges against Mathew Martoma re: allegedly masterminding the largest insider trading scheme ever during his time at SAC. Friday's arrest of high-ranking employee Michael Steinberg. The $614 million he needs to personally pony up to settle with the Securities and Exchange Commission (which he may not even be allowed to do without an admission of guilt). The slanderous claim his house clocks in at a mere 14,000 square feet. The circling of federal investigators who want him bad. And yet presumably none of that compares to today's hit, which must have him in a fury that only the purchase of the Mona Lisa can assuage.