In Era Of The Pitchforks, Goldman Sachs Employees Wanted To Give The Ignorant Twits Of The World A Piece Of Their Mind


When asked by Fortune why people could possibly want to work at Goldman Sachs, which doesn't have a free cafeteria like Google or a super nice gym or compensation wildly better than those of some other Wall Street firms, one employee defensively answered, "People on the outside are not aware of the feeling...The sense of family and belonging that comes from working here is like none other." People, it seems, just don't get what it's like to work at a place where you feel safe and warm. Where you can go to Lloyd Blankfein if you're in trouble. Where everyone's got your back. And where you have theirs. Meaning you would do anything for them. And by anything, we mean an-y-thing. And not just the standard getting rid of hookers stuff but, just, as an example, putting a cap in the ass of a guy who cut them in line at the movie theater and then suggested they were to blame for the near-collapse of the economy. Which is what some GS employees have been wanting to do for a while, and would've if Papa Blankfein hadn't held them back.

In fact, employees urged management to fight back against the criticism from the public and from the media. A common theme throughout the employee comments was why Goldman was taking a beating in the press without returning fire. "I think we need to have a more robust public and media relations campaign, in order to stave off the uninformed/misinformed press," wrote one employee. Urged another: "Take a PR campaign out to Main St."

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