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Is Ken Lewis The Guy You Want Vouching For You?

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Pop quiz, kids. Do you have a short list of people you can call in the event you need someone to provide bail, to wriggle you out of a dicey situation, or to speak to your character with authority/otherwise vouch for you? I know I do and all of them are individuals who are wealthy, influential and/or good with a wrench. They can also hold their liquor. Which is to say, they are not Ken Lewis. I don't know, he's just not a person I would've ever thought to go to for help if I were in any sort of bind. Would probably go to Stan O'Neal or Dick Fuld first (don't discount his ability to rappel down the side of a building).

Then I saw that not only is Lewis at least one person's emergency contact, but the dude thinks the Kenny's stature, reputation, etc is so useful that he went to great lengths (registered an email account) to impersonate the former Bank of America CEO in order to clear his name. And now I'm rethinking things.

Nelson sent us an e-mail from titled, "Page Six Correction," and then called claiming to be Ken -- boasting he was in Aspen with his wife, Donna, and insisting Nelson was a close and dear relative.

Posing as Ken Lewis, he said: "We are distant cousins, once removed. But I admire him. Nelson is talented, he won an Emmy. He is just misunderstood. He is spending some time out of Washington and pushing reset on his life."