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Jamie Dimon Will Scratch The Eyes Out Of The Next Journalist To Paint All Bankers With The Same Brush

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Earlier this week in Davos, Jamie Dimon said that when his and other banks are asked to comply with 'irrational regulation,' the sensation feels a lot like taking it in the ass. Which is to say, he doesn't like it. His dislike for the figurative equivalent of anal rape, however, pales in comparison to what he feels for idiot reporters who think everyone on Wall Street is the same, i.e. reckless, greedy and responsible for taking down the economy with their bare hands. JPMorgan and its commander and chief couldn't be more different than the fuck-ups at places like, say, Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns (and Citi). Just because they're in the same industry doesn't mean they're the same. One ignorant twit at Davos panel entitled “The Next Shock, Are We Better Prepared?” was unaware of the distinction; and after asking the JPMorgan chief about what he thought of "Americans who had directed their anger against the banks for the bailout" was offered an explanation a media person could understand.

Dimon visibly turned more animated, replying that “it’s not fair to lump all banks together.” The TARP program was forced on some banks, and not all of them needed it, he said. A number of banks helped stabilize things, noting that his bank bought the failed Bear Stearns. The idea that all banks would have failed without government intervention isn’t right, he said defensively. “I don’t lump all media together….There’s good and there’s bad. There’s irresponsible and ignorant and there’s really smart media. Well, not all bankers are the same."

Clearly "aggrieved by the question," he went on.

"I just think this constant refrain [of] ‘bankers, bankers, bankers,’ - it’s just a really unproductive and unfair way of treating people….People should just stop doing that.”

Everybody clear? Or do we need some diagrams?

Dimon's Davos Cry [Barron's via Daily Intel]



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