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Let's Take A Moment To Celebrate Ping Jiang

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If you've checked out Bloomberg's "richest hedge funds" story today, you may have noticed a sidebar of the "top emerging-market hedge funds." Number one on that list? Mr. Ping Jiang, founder of Ping Capital Management. Dealbreaker readers will not be surprised; we've been exclusively tracking the performance of Jiang all year and the returns have been consistently of the kick-ass variety. Still, it's nice to see Jiang's efforts recognized. Having said that, it's not enough. That's why today we want to present Ping with an award that reflects what he's had to do to get to this place.

It's the first annual Michael Vick Career Resurrection Award of Excellence and we're proud to say Ping has earned this thing. Like Michael, Ping had been written off by his professional community as just another example of immense potential gone to waste. Both men had questionable lapses in judgment as it related to canines and whiteboard markers and both were punished accordingly. While the matter of Ping being let go of his job at SAC had less to do with female hormones than a drop in performance, once banished from the kingdom he was no longer viewed as a talented portfolio manager; like Vick, whose extracurricular activities with pups outshone his football skills, all people could think of when they looked at or thought about PJ was that he once made an underling pay the toll before putting on a trade.

Both Vick and Jiang could've said 'fuck it' and quit on their careers and lives, flushing their god-given abilities down the toilet. Instead, they took that absolute last chance proffered to them by Eagles and people with seed capital and said- I'll show you, world. They took the opportunity and ran with it and while Ping's comeback hasn't yet been weighed in on by the president of the United States (or Tucker Carlson), it's only a matter of time.

Ping couldn't be with us today to accept this award, so in his place, I'd like you, the people, to offer some words of thanks or provide a few memorable lines for the speech he would've wanted to deliver.