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Lynn Tilton's Elixir Of Choice

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"Tilton sleeps only a few hours a night and often stays up late reading science fiction. She sips a homemade concoction of clay, salt and chlorophyll." [WSJ]


Lynn Tilton Unveils Studded Leather Battle Garb

The Patriarch Partners founder is ready to take down her adversaries, sartorially speaking.

How Would Lynn Tilton Punish Lynn Tilton?

Banning jello-shots from the conference room would certainly be an effective deterrent against fraud.

Getty Images/Alberto E. Rodriguez

Lynn Tilton Gets Calendar Reminder To Sue The SEC Again

It's important to set these things up or your might forget.

Getty Images/Alberto E. Rodriguez

Latest Legal Setback Can't #Hold #Lynn #Tilton #Down

She took to Twitter to hashtag her statement.