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Obama's State Of The Union China Mentions, Lack Of Appreciation For A Magnificent Ballroom Enraged Donald Trump

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As you may have heard, last night President Obama gave his State of the Union address, in which he mentioned China a couple of times. This, legendary businessman Donald Trump says, "was the low point of the speech." While Trump pretty much hated the entire thing (there was "no substance whatsoever" and he "didn't hear anything about all these states that are going to go bankrupt"), it was the China stuff that really grinded his gears. "Totally inappropriate," the bankruptcy expert told Joe Kernan and Becky Quick this morning on Squawk Box. "What's up with you and China? What got your dander up," Joe asked, hoping to lighten the mood. "Did they tell you you couldn't build a golf course over there or something?" Unfortunately, Donald was in no mood for jokes. Not when it comes to China, or the suggestion anyone tells him where he can and cannot build golf courses.

"Well, Joe, I understand China," Trump replied, deadly serious. "I've done business with the Chinese- and actually done very well to put it mildly- and I know that the Chinese are no friends of this country. I see what's happening with respect China, with respect to the manipulation and all of the other things. I also buy a lot of products- so many from China. I don't want to buy from them but I have no other's a very unfair playing field and it was inappropriate of the President to praise them."

"Well we're in a bit of a tough spot, as consumers," Kernan offered. "We could do something about it, Joe," Trump said. "We have all the cards; if we stop buying from China they'll go into an economic depression like you've never seen before. WE HAVE THE CARDS, JOE."

Trump had other complaints, too. Fiscal irresponsibility. Taxes. Outsiders "stealing from us." And don't even get him started on Mexico. But you want to know what the biggest problem with this country is? The Don has a simple anecdote to illustrate.

"I've never said this before," he told Jose and Becks. "But recently, I saw that they were in a tent in the White House, when those two people broke in. And I called the White House and I said listen, you know, I have a ballroom in Palm Beach Florida that's magnificent. I offered, for nothing, to build them a $50 million ballroom. When a foreign leader comes over, when we host our own people they should be in a ballroom- not a tent. I spoke to a very high official. I said I will build-- free!-- a 40, 50, 60 million dollar ballroom, for the White House. I said, it'll be the most magnificent ballroom there ever is- and I never heard from them! THAT is the problem with this country."



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