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Only 'Relevent' Hitler Jokes, And Other Rules For Commenting On Paul Krugman's Blog

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Like, if you're going to insult the Kruge, try something a little more believable than "you're stupid." Guy is a tenured professor at Princeton, obviously not stupid. Try going after his beard.

Notes to Commenters

1. Obscenity will get your comment deleted; I suspect that a fair number of commenters don’t even realize they’re doing it, because that’s the way many of us #$%^! talk these days. But think about it, and don’t waste your time or mine.

2. Stay on the topic of the post.

3. New rule, if you haven’t seen it: Nazi/Hitler references are out unless clearly relevant.

4. Get your insults right. There is, I believe, a fair bit of evidence against the hypothesis that I’m stupid. What you mean to say is that I’m evil.

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Paul Krugman Forces Obama Back To The Drawing Board

Sayeth Kruggles: "Yes, I’ve heard about the notion that I should be nominated as Treasury Secretary. I’m flattered, but it really is a bad idea. Part of the reason is that I am indeed the World’s Worst Administrator — and that does matter. Someone else can do the paperwork — but an administrative job requires making hiring and firing decisions, it means keeping track of many things, and that, to say the least, is not my forte...officials inside the administration can of course have even more influence — but only if they’re good at a very different kind of game, that of persuading the president and his inner circle in behind-closed-doors discussion. And everything I know about myself says that I’m not very good at that game. By my reckoning, then, an administration job, no matter how senior, would actually reduce my influence, leaving me unable to say publicly what I really think and all too probably finding myself unable to make headway in internal debates." [NYT]