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Rebellion Research Founder Discusses Artificial Intelligence-based Investing, Subtley Undermines Star Trader

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Back in July, we met the principals of Rebellion Research, a new hedge fund described by the Journal as being like a teeny tiny RenTec, sans the cartons of Pall Malls. Founded by Spencer Greenberg, the firm uses "artificial intelligence" to invest, being of the mind that computers = smart, man = stupid, and that trying to go head to head with a computer would be a bad idea (“No human could do this,” Michael Kearns said. “Your head would blow off.") And speaking of man versus machine, there's one very important thing missing from the photo at left. In fact, you might call him the "star" of Rebellion.

Naturally we speak of "Star," Rebellion’s computer and head trader. In a radio interview today, Mr Greenberg, discussed Star's role in the success of Rebellion (which Greenberg said regulations prevent him from discussing), and then had the balls to add that the firm "always" checks all of Star's trades "before they go out to the market" and opine that guys like Star will never replace humans in this industry. (Meanwhile, dollars to donuts that there are more than a few people reading who would be happy to seed Big S; he's got options.)