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Step Into Lynn Tilton's Office

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In a recent profile with the Journal, wherein Patriarch Partners founder and CEO Lynn Tilton clarifies that she "only strips and flips men," not companies, we're given a rare glimpse into the private equity chief's office, described as such:

The walls are filled with whips and handcuffs sent to her by friends, Hashemite daggers given to her by Middle Eastern royals, New Age paintings and a portrait of her stretched across the hood of a black Mercedes. Her office uniform usually includes five-inch stilettos, an eight-carat diamond necklace and the occasional black leather jumpsuit. Ms. Tilton makes no apologies for her unconventional look.

"I am all woman," Tilton says. "Sometimes it makes men uncomfortable, sure. But in business and in life, I have to remain faithful to my inner truth." Some of you may have seen that inner truth before.

...should you have been lucky enough to be a Christmas card-receiving client of Lynn’s when she was a salesgirl at AMROC, circa 1989.

Speaking of whips (testicle clamps, spreader and truss bars, etc), Tilton notes that while she "likes to control things," she's "a benevolent dictator." Important information for anyone entering her office for the first time.

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