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Steve Eisman To Threaten Proxy Battles Over The Phone From His Perch At FrontPoint For Years To Come

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Earlier today, it was suggested that Steve Eisman was "weighing" leaving FrontPoint Partners, after he told the Journal, "At this point in my career, I want to have more control over my destiny." Apparently the speculation was way off base, forcing Steve-o to clarify his statement.

A departure from the firm is in no way what he was driving at, imbeciles.

"I am in discussions on a structure which will provide me with greater operational flexibility and control over my own business," Eisman said in a statement. "I will be managing money for FrontPoint and its clients for years to come."

Do you see the distinction? He was just saying he wants more power, and he's gonna get it. Do nottest his patience on this one.

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