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The Serious Question No One's Asked About Those Birds Yet

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No, not talking about the possibility of blood clots or loud noises being the cause. Talking about something far more plausible.

Talking about a certain someone and the fact that it's more than three days into this thing, it's all anyone can talk about, and he's yet to trace the cause of this mass murder back to Goldman Sachs. Is he feeling ill? Out of the country? What other reason could there be for failing to nail this lay-up that only he possesses the investigative financial journalists skills to cover? Especially considering the timing of the Facebook investment announcement (more than a little fishy!!); the dots are there hombre- get out there and connect them.


Fox Business Senior Email Correspondent: Thousands Of Goldman Employees Saw Muppet Movie, Wanted To Talk About It The Next Day

Late last week, investigative reporter Charlie Gasparino came out with a bombshell story: after reading former employee Greg Smith's allegation that he'd seen and heard colleagues refer to clients as "muppets," the British term for stupid people, the firm launched an investigation into the claim (e.g. searched emails for said word). On Friday, Gasparino breathlessly reported that while  Goldman did find some muppet mentions, they referred to the Jason Segal film and were not malicious in their intent (quoth CG: "GS found no evidence of malicious muppet talk in emails).  While a lesser journalist would have been content to take the source at his or her word, Charles Gasparino is no such journalist. He get kept digging on this one and now, amazingly, has more to add: "People close to Goldman tell FOX Business 98% of the email muppet use referred to the movie. Sources at Goldman also say the malicious muppet use in emails involves name calling among colleagues; apparently at Goldman they call each other muppet. Sources say the firm find no evidence so far to substantiate Smith’s claims that people were talking about clients.” Gasparino on Muppet Movie Referrals in Goldman Emails [FBN]