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There Will Be A Bunch Of Strippers Demonstrating How To Shovel Snow In Front Of The Nasdaq Building Tomorrow

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For Immediate Release: Topless Cheetah Club Dancers from NYC's Newest Adult Venue To Show Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner John Doherty How To Shovel Snow

The Girls Vow To Get The Job Done


Who: Topless Cheetah Club Adult Dancers from NYC's newest Times Square club

What: With the impending 9" of snow, the Cheetah Club girls to perform their civic duty. The buxom girls vow to see that the nation's cross roads, Times Square, does not come to a standstill. They also promise to have their place of business open and not be crippled by lack of commerce due to mounds of snow and piles of garbage.

When: Wednesday, January 12th

Where: In front of the NASDAQ Building 7th Ave./42nd St. -- 4 Times Square

Bring a shovel to pitch in and help.


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