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Fund Launches: There's A New Way To Get Some Ping Jiang In Your Life

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As you may have heard, Ping Capital's Exceptional Value Fund ended 2010 up 105 percent. While impressed by the number (and Mr. Jiang's comeback), some potential investors might have been slightly leery about monthly swings of 8+% and the unorthodox ways in which PJ was able to score such an eye-popping return. Well today is your lucky day.

We're told Ping Cap has just launched the Ping Emerging Markets Macro Fund, which "targets a lower vol and focuses on short term trading." The fund started trading January 1 (minimum investment is $500,000 with a one year lockup; PJ, having apparently learned nothing from the Big Guy, will be charging a mere 2&20). Break yourself off a piece of the new flavor today.