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When Investor Marc Faber Thinks Of Obama, He Thinks Of A Prostitute

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Marc Faber, he of the Gloom, Boom & Doom report, popped over via satellite this morning for an interview with Bloomberg TV, where they asked him about the job President Obama has done so far. Faber asked if Bloomberg wanted him to be honest. Of course they did. Speak freely, they encouraged. "Well, then I would say he's done a horrible job and I think that will continue," Faber answered. "And he's changed nothing and made things worse." But didn't the president come in at a pretty difficult time, when it was tough to make change, Carol Massar wanted to know? After catching his breath from laughing, Faber told the little lady "You are an optimist. Keep on dreaming. We foreigners just laugh about someone like Obama." Did Faber think Bush was much better? "At least he didn't prostitute himself." Let's change the focus- thoughts on Bernanke? "Maybe he'll resign after he sees the disaster he's created. Or [knowing glance] maybe he'll be disposed." Oh...okay. Hey, will you be going to Davos? "No- it's not for thinkers. It's a group of liars and people who go along with the system and perpetuate fraud and abuse and dubious practices in the financial system."



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