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Which Manhattan-based Hedge Fund Was Raided By The Feds?


As you may recall, back in November the feds made a big show of announcing their latest insider trading probe by raiding showing up at the offices of a bunch of hedge funds, telling employees to walk in with their hands in the air and then sit quietly while a team of agents put documents in boxes. The ones we knew about were Level Global, Diamondback and Loch Capital, based in Greenwich, Stamford and Boston. There was also a fourth, whose identity has remained unknown.

Unfortunately, whichever firm it was has either chosen to keep investors on a need to know basis or sufficiently scared them into not leaking the info. Reuters is trying to figure it out so if you've got some guesses, educated or otherwise, do share.


Feds Raid Bonanno Family Boiler Room

Feds Raid Bonnano Family Boiler Room