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Which Wall Streeters 'Run' The Art Market?

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With few exceptions (thinking about how they could do things like buy a random restaurant just to fire the rude waiter who serviced them, having an IHOP built in their bedroom), few things are more satisfying to financiers than buying multi-million dollar pieces of art to hang above their toilets. Every now and then it's important to recognize who the most important people in this game are; today the Observer has ranked the Top 50 New York buyers who "move the art world." You're allowed two guesses as to who comes in at number one but you''ll only need one. Hint: no profile of him shall be written without mentioning that he owns expensive art; his tastes range from Warhols to animals-in-formeldahyde to pieces of ass; if he so much as smells a drop of grease within 200 feet of his pictures he'll shut down the area and interrogate every suspect; and his greatest gift to the world, upon retirement, will be a self-created multi-media nude, expected to fetch upwards of 9 figures.

50. Werner "Wynn" Kramarsky
49. Ranbir Singh
42. Andrew M. Saul
41. Hubert Neumann
40. Wilbur Ross
39. Michael Alexandre David-Weill
38. Robert Menschel
36. Bruce Kovner
35. Stephen Schwarzman
33. Joseph DiMenna
32. Raymond Learsy
30. Dan Loeb
29. Adam Lindemann
28. Adam Sender
27. David Ganek
22. Donald Marron
19. Glenn R. Fuhrman
16. Michael Steinhardt
11. Noam Gottesman
10. J. Tomilson Hill
4. Henry Kravis
2. Leon Black
1. Steve Cohen

The Collectors: 50 New York Buyers Who Move The Art World [NYO]