Who Are The 6 People Expected To Buy Vegas's $5,000 Burger?


THEhotel at Mandalay Bay is home to Hubert Keller's new restaurant, Fleur. The menu includes a burger priced at $5,000 (which comes with a $2,500 bottle of wine, so manage your expectations about what this mere $2,500 piece of meat will taste like now) and Fleur representatives optimistically believe they'll sell 6 of these things this year.

Sure, bonus expectations at banks this year are not great. But, a) they could surprise on the upside b) you could be one of the top performers whose number balances out those getting zero dollars or c) you could work at a hedge fund or private equity firm where people are getting paid. Should one of those scenarios apply to your life, will you be the idiot go who goes for it? Will it be your drunk co-worker, after winning a few bucks playing Black Jack? Will it be George Soros buying and forcing the chef into a blind taste test in an attempt to prove you can't tell the difference between the burger for 5 g's and a Big Mac with a couple truffles thrown on top?


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