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Write-Offs: 01.03.11

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$$$Citadel Securities Loses Senior Executives: Boas, Kurtzman, Mayer [Bloomberg]

$$$Goldman Clients Jockey for Shot at Facebook Shares [WSJ]

$$$Obama Said To Consider JPMorgan's William Daley For Top White House Post [Bloomberg]

$$$ Man Skis Down Park Avenue At 40 MPH [YouTube/Gawker]

$$$NewsCorp. Is On Track to Sell Its MySpace Unit by Mid-Year [CNBC]

$$$ 'One would have to believe that Goldman did, indeed, get a look behind Zuckerberg's financial curtain. It is true that most of the "Facebook funds" do not have access to the company's financials, but we're talking about an investment that could total $2 billion. I just can't imagine that a firm like Goldman is flying blind on so much cash.' [Fortune]