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Write-Offs: 01.05.11

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$$$ Goldman Flooded With Facebook Orders [WSJ]

$$$WHY Facebook is doing this deal: “Facebook is raising this round in order to prevent junior and mid-level employees from selling shares on secondary exchanges like SecondMarket (outside of those who already have done so). By doing so, Facebook hopes to remain below the 500-shareholder threshold that would force it to publicly disclose its financial data. In other words, this deal is the exact opposite of a precursor to IPO.” [Fortune]

$$$Why couldn't the Democratic Congress conduct an ethics trial for Rep. Maxine Waters? [Slate]

$$$ Help the Journaldetermine what percentage of its readership is the type that would say its favorite Clint Eastwood movie is The Bridges Of Madison County, favorite Olympic sport is ice dancing and would like the superhuman power to tell the difference between a 1989 and a 1990 cabernet (bonus round: are you picking up what they're throwing down?) [WSJ]

$$$ T2 Partners' 2010 letter to investors [PDF]

$$$ Contractor Levels Wrong House [WaPo]

$$$ Republicans Weaken House's Anti-Deficit Rules [Bloomberg]

$$$ Actuaries are the third best job in the U.S., alledgedly [FINS]

$$$Facebook vs The SEC [NetNet]