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Write-Offs: 01.06.11

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$$$ Why it's a great time to launch a hedge fund, according to Martin Sorrell's son. [Fortune]

$$$Apple Said to Have Approached Blackstone's Tosi to be CFO [Bloomberg]

$$$ That guy from those vampire movies will star in the movie version of Cosmopolis as a "28-year-old financial wizard and billionaire rides around Manhattan in his limo for 24 hours, gets stuck in traffic, cheats on his wife, is stalked, and loses his fortune."

$$$ Chemical signals in women's tears dampen arousal [NYT via HNM

$$$Ten Ways To Blow Your Job Interview, if you're really trying hard to not get that position. [FINS]

$$$ Lloyd Blankfein's Secret Facebook Feed [DI]

$$$More Madoff's Behind Bars? [FBN]