Write-Offs: 01.10.11


$$$Hedge Funds Get Biggest Deposits in Nine Months [Bloomberg]

$$$ "But the truth of the matter is that few bankers have actually relocated in the last couple of years of lower bonuses, higher tax, and political "banker bashing". Why? It is because London is a particularly attractive city to work in and live a high life as a banker. Few bankers will move to Geneva, not to speak of Tokyo or Dubai, unless there are very big financial disadvantages to being in London – and we are still far from such a situation. London is one of Britain's major competitive assets, and the country should be willing to exploit it." [Guardian]

$$$50 Cent's Tweets Make $50 Million In One Day [BI]

$$$ Why It Could Be Very Hard for Banks to Avoid Ibanez Mortgage Catastrophes [NetNet]

$$$ Davos: Where Epic Shifts Converge [Reuters]

$$$Hedge Fund Execs Bankrolled GOP Victories [GT]

$$$Finance Jobs Vanish, But Not As Quick As Job Seekers [FINS]

$$$David Stockman Is Back [Fortune]