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Write-Offs: 01.12.11

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$$$ Morgan Stanley Mezzanine Fund Raises Nearly $1 Billion [WSJ]

$$$Paul Krugman Is Happy There Are People Richer Than He Is Because It’s Easier to Judge Them Without Looking Hypocritical [DI]

$$$ Whitney to Banks: Forget Dividends, Do Acquisitions [CNBC]

$$$ Did Nouriel Roubini Inflate His Apartment's Square Footage? [Curbed]

$$$ "Soon after they were asked to develop a dance work based on the mathematical theory of differential cohomology, choreographers Kyla Barkin and Aaron Selisson found themselves sitting in a lecture at Stony Brook University trying to understand the theory. Jim Simons, the mathematician and hedge fund billionaire who helped establish the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics at Stony Brook, told Barkin, 36, and Selisson, 30, they would need at least four years of school to fully understand the theory. But the two dancers left the lecture with a clearer picture in their minds." [TV via BI]

$$$ Things to avoid doing on the commute [ATL]

$$$Pimco's Gross Clashes With Whitney Over Muni-Bond Outlook [Bloomberg]