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Write-Offs: 01.18.11

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$$$ AIG has selected four banks as underwriters for its "re-IPO"— Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan [CNBC]

$$$SEC keeping close tabs on BofA's WikiLeaks situation [FBN]

$$$JPMorgan Refunds $2 Million to Military Families for Mortgages [Bloomberg]

$$$Money mogul makes princess his Swede-heart [NYP]

$$$ Top hedge funds that own Apple [MarketFolly]

$$$BREAKING: "Almost one in 10 sports fans has a blood alcohol content above the legal limit as they exit the stadium after football and baseball games, a study found." [Bloomberg]

$$$How Paul Giamatti got inside Ben Bernanke's head [WSJ]

$$$ Bankers' backing for planned 'free school' divides parents [Guardian]

$$$ Hedge fund fraud to be made easier [NYP]