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Write-Offs: 01.19.11

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$$$ Saudi Prince Alwaleed Affirms Support for Vikram Pandit [WSJ]

$$$ Daniel Posner, the former head of hedge fund DE Shaw’s distressed investment unit and one of the firm’s most senior employees, has joined New York-based credit specialist Golub Capital to launch a new hedge fund business. [FT]

$$$ On Wednesday, David Tepper kicked off a campaign to raise $15 million to help feed the needy in his home state. Mr. Tepper, Bank of America and others have donated almost $9 million to the charity, which distributed 37 million pounds of food in 2010. “There’s nothing more important than feeding people,” Mr. Tepper told a sizable audience gathered in the organization’s 285,000-square-foot warehouse, where walls of fresh apples, canned fruit and chili served as a backdrop. “It’s pretty simple. In 2006 and 2007, unemployment was around 4 percent. Now, we’re closer to 9 percent.” [Dealbook]

$$$Medical Journals May Force Reporting of Doctors' Hedge Fund Ties [Bloomberg]

$$$Mexican Musicians Killed After Encore Refused [Newser]

$$$ Dodging SEC Investigators for a Job: Sign or Decline? [FINS]

$$$Big Selloff in Munis Pays Off for Large Institutions [FBN]

$$$ New funds regulator Eileen Rominger must shed Goldman skin [Reuters]