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Write-Offs: 01.24.11

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$$$Private Equity Makes Return To IPO Game [WSJ]

$$$ Buyout Billionaire Alec Gores Said to Prepare Offer for Dodgers [Bloomberg]

$$$ "Zoia said hedge fund job-seekers should look where institutional investors are putting their money to determine where hedge funds might want to add talent. For every $1 billion in new assets for an established fund, a manager will typically hire about 15 employees, he said, although the amount of hiring depends on the nature of the strategy." [FINS]

$$$The two shared an almost frat-boy-like camaraderie. Mr. Drapkin playfully called diminutive and balding Mr. Perelman “the Dwarf” or “the Putz.” Mr. Perelman shot right back, calling his partner “the Asshole.” [Crain's]

$$$ And Now, A New York City Subway Cat-Fight [Gawker]

$$$ AIG CEO Gets Good Prognosis, Will Stay Until 2012 [CNBC]

$$$ SEC Division of Risk, Strategy, & Financial Innovation Could Use A Few Good Men… [SSA]

$$$SEC looks at Cahill, Goldman Sachs link [Boston Globe]