Alleged Insider Trader Donald Longueuil Didn't Even Have The Decency To Rep The North Face Brand Post Charges


One of the many things we've learned in the wake of last week's new insider trading charges is that it wasn't enough for former CR Intrinsic trader Donald Longueuil to betray SAC's trust- he felt it necessary to doubly hit Steve where it hurts. In addition to (possibly) engaging in illegal activities (before and) while employed by the hedge fund, he had the audacity to wear a non-SAC approved brand of fleece, North Face, while repping the firm. Said fleece was made famous in the recording in which Longueuil tells fellow trader Noah Freeman that he stashed broken up bits of a hard drive in his zip up on the way to chucking them in various garbage trucks around the city in an effort to destroy evidence. So you'd think he'd want to wear it while the cameras were snapping away but no! Apparently Long's a bit a whore when it comes to outerwear.

That's right. North Face for the dirty work, LL Bean around town.


Yahoo! RésuméGate, Day 9: Scott Thompson Didn't Even Offer Yahoo The Courtesy Of A Fake Résumé

Last Thursday afternoon, hedge fund manager Daniel S. Loeb, who is waging a proxy battle against Yahoo, made a simple request: that the board of directors fire CEO Scott Thompson, who had lied about having a computer science degree from Stonehill College, when in fact the academic fraud only graduated with a degree in accounting. Loeb wanted the job done by Monday at 12 noon, EST and as the deadline passed, it was clear the request was would not be honored. As a result, Loeb was forced to demand every single document related to Thompson's hiring at the company. Emails, heading hunting referrals, thoughts, feelings, the works. Most importantly, the résumé Thomspon submitted when applying for the gig. Did Loeb enjoy dragging this out? No. Did he take pleasure in watching the "carnage" unfold? Certainly not, and he's shocked and offended anyone would ever think that. Nevertheless, a computer science degree had been fabricated out of thin air and Loeb felt he owed it to shareholders to get some answers. And while Yahoo! has presumably not yet faxed over the documents he asked for, they did offer this: Apparently the Yahoo chief says he's being honest when he tells us no fake résumés were submitted to Yahoo because they never got any résumés, period. Yahoo‘s embattled chief executive, Scott Thompson, told the company’s senior management on Thursday that he never submitted a résumé or falsified his academic credentials, a person briefed on the matter said. [Dealbook]