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Ben Bernanke: The Fed Has No 'Secret Financial Dealings'

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The Fed is wide open, okay? Now, if you wanna talk about these "audits" of monetary policy some people in Congress are calling for? That would have "a very bad outcome." [Bernanke At The National Press Club;WSJ]


Ben Bernanke Doesn't Have Time For Rand Paul's Kid's Table Musings On The Fed

The former chairman of the Federal Reserve would not object to the Senator from Kentucky sitting down and shutting up.

Bernanke: Financial Crisis Era Execs Should've Been Fitted For Orange Jumpsuits

The former Federal Reserve chairman wouldn't have gotten involved in the handcuffing but he *would* have happily watched from a squad car as, for example, a guy whose name rhymes with Mick Tuld was escorted from his home.