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Bonus Watch '11: UBS Chairman Says The Size Of His Bonus Pool Is Just Fine, Thank You Very Much

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Last week we reported that UBS had informed employees they'd have to wait a bit longer to find out how much they'd be taking home this year, with 'number communication day' being moved 'til the 16th and 'money in your pocket day' being delayed 'til sometime in March. CNBC speculated that UBS was stalling for time until they could scrape together a few more dollars, on account of the amount they had to divvy up among the staff being "unworkable." Today UBS Chairman Oswald Gruebel said 1) shut your mouths and 2) size has got nothing to do with it.

"In my 50 years in that business, investment bankers always believe that the pool is too small but for the delay it was purely operational, no other reasons," Gruebel said in an interview.

Delay Not Due To Pool Size [CNBC]


Bonus Watch '12: UBS

Numbers for first and second year analysts (who are not happy). "It's been two weeks since UBS numbers came out and nobody wants to talk about it, for obvious reasons. Second years (base: 80k) ranging 45-65k and heard of some first years getting around 40k (base: 70k). And they could only achieve these numbers ("in line with the street") after firing 30+ analysts right before communication day."