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Bonus Watch '11: Drunk BarCap Trader Has Great News For Anyone Who Didn't Exactly Push Him Or Herself This Year

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“Even if a guy is really lazy and has done s*** all year, he’ll still get a £600,000 bonus."

Those words supposedly comes from a "sharp-suited trader" guzzling Cristal with his colleagues in a London bar yesterday, who went on:

“Everyone in here is BarCap. The reason there’s so much champagne is because it’s our bonus day...The PAs even got bonuses today, some of them got £60,000. Most traders got two, three, four, five and even six million.

And one of the more believable lines from the article, which may have been written by Stephen Glass: "Some people are annoyed because they don’t think they got enough this year.”

Bankers Celebrate Bonuses Like Crisis Never Happened [Mirror via BI]