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Charlie Gasparino Needs Help Decoding Lloyd Blankfein's Message

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As previously mentioned, yesterday on Twitter, Charlie Gasparino noted that several hours before the Super Bowl, at a party in Dallas, he "made eye contact" with Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, who saw him and then proceeded to "walk the other way." Then today on Facebook he implored people to help him figure out "what this means."

Clearly, the mixed message (if that's what's happening here) has thrown CG for a loop. As no one knows LB or CG better than most of you people, let's help him figure this one out. Did Blankfein's ignoring of Charlie mean:

a) Lloyd just got out of CEO/reporter relationship and being burned badly wasn't ready to jump into something new

b) LB needed to head to the bar and get some liquid courage before talking to CG, and when he came back, Chaz talking to another guy.

c) Lloyd was waiting for Chaz to make the first move

d) Lloyd was still embarrassed about their last date, when he failed the "Door Test," and didn't know how to talk to Charlie after that debacle.

e) Lloyd was trying to be smooth and wait until the waiter delivered the muscle milk martini he'd ordered for Chaz but the guy fucked it up.

f) Lloyd wouldn't piss in CG's mouth if his gums were on fire

g) LB was getting sick of talking to CG because the first question is always "what do you bench?"

h) Lloyd didn't recognize Charlie without his makeup on

i) Write-in