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Charlie Gasparino: PIMCO Less Than Thrilled With Meredith Whitney's Muncipal Bond Analysis

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Charlie Gasparino reports that in the wake of Meredith Whitney's apocalypse prediction, "investors have sold their muni holdings in droves," with PIMCO being hit "particularly hard." Though he's remained civil in public, the usually affable Bill Gross feels like he's been kicked in the cojones and has supposedly "launched an all-out war to discredit Whitney’s research in an attempt to restore confidence in the $3 trillion municipal-bond market."

But it hasn’t abated enough for Pimco. While Gross quietly jabs at Whitney in his television commentaries, his people on the ground in charge of selling bond funds to brokers are playing offense. According to one person with direct knowledge of the matter, a Pimco representative said that they money management firm has even obtained a copy of Whitney’s report, and it “wasn’t worth the paper it was written on.”

The Pimco representative said, according to this person, that the money management firm paid $10,000 to obtain the report and considered having Whitney herself address analysts at the money management firm, but decided not to because officials there believed her analysis to be superficial.


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