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CNBC Wants Some Serious Analysis Of What The Story About A Domino's Delivery Person Saving A Customer Means For The Company

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For those of you not up on your pizza delivery news, a Domino's employee reportedly saved an elderly woman, after noticing that she'd failed to place her daily order for three days. Deliverywoman Susan Guy went to check on the lady and found that she'd fallen and was unable to reach the phone and call for help. CNBC wants to know how the market will react to the news and currently has a guest on who's being forced to offer some real analysis (he thinks the story is going to lift sales).

Now we'd like to turn to you, the investment community, for the answer. Agree/disagree? Have a contrarian take? And would it be fair to credit a certain hedge fund with a sizable DPZ stake for employing delivery people who save lives?