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David Tepper Is Cautiously Optimistic About The Situation In Egypt, Sunday's Game

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"I'm surprised how fast the market bounced [Monday]," Tepper told Absolute Return today. "Shows you there's a lot of money looking for any dip on the sidelines. Which is good, but I have to be a little more cautious than last week because I didn't know how much this stuff could flair up. I'm still generally constructive but just a tiny bit more cautious than I was before because of this [Egypt] stuff." As for the Super Bowl? The Appaloosa manager, who is a minority owner of the Steelers and pictured at left ready for the big game, is confident Ben Roethlisberger will pull one out.

"If the center wasn't hurt it would be a one point game with Green Bay still being favored," said the Pittsburgh native...Prodded slightly, Tepper turned cautiously optimistic. "We've got a great defense We've got a little problem with the center having a broken bone in his leg, but [Doug] Legursky, his backup, is pretty good. So I'm hopeful, Tepper said. "The Steelers will find a way to win. This big quarterback back there, Ben Roethlisberger? He's a real tough guy."

Tepper Cautious On Steelers And Market [AR]



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