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Do You Have An "Office Spouse"?

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First off, do you know what an "office spouse" is? If not, the Journal offers a definition today, in a piece exploring whether or not it's appropriate to buy this person a Valentine's Day gift. An office husband or wife, they say, is a member of the opposite sex with whom you have a close relationship with at work, so close that it resembles a marriage but it's entirely platonic. This is not someone you're having an affair with on the side and in fact, your real husband, wife or significant other likely knows your office mate and is cool with the situation. Take Amy McMahon. She has a boyfriend of ten years, Casey Hoover, and she also has a office bf/husb/whatever you want to call him of three years, Kian Weaver. As they are are her number one guys at home and at work, respectively, she'll be celebrating Valentine's Day with both of them. Is that awkward? Supposedly not! In fact, Casey claims to love the set up.

Mr. Hoover says he knows all about Ms. McMahon's plans with Mr. Weaver. In fact, Mr. Hoover says he and Mr. Weaver are friends and work out together. He sees Mr. Weaver's bond with his girlfriend as "a win-win." When Mr. Weaver advises Ms. McMahon on relationship matters, "she gets the perspective of another guy, and sometimes it makes my life easier," Mr. Hoover says.

Right then. So, who here has got a work ball and chain?

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