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Erin Callan's Boyfriend Invites You To Step Inside Their Love Shack

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Last March, we got a glimpse into Erin Callan's post-Lehman life. It included living in East Hampton in the house she bought for $3.9 million in 2005, dating firefighter Anthony Montella, who she met in high school at St. Francis Prep, taking spin classes at Ride the Zone, where her instructor said she's "the best student in the class" and looks "so great on her bike," and just generally looking happy and "better than ever," likely a result of 1) getting laid on the reg and 2) the fact that she’s been working on her ass, an effort that has apparently not gone unappreciated.

What's she been up to of late? A lot of the same, though things with The Firefighter seem to have been taken to the next level. John Carney did a little investigating and reports that Erin is featured in Tony's Facebook and Twitter profile pictures (so huge!); it also appears as though they've moved in together. Montella, for some reason, posted pictures of the love nest they've been co-habitating in on the internet, including one of where the magic happens.

More photos can be found here; later, we'll take a gander Dick Fuld's CT manse, and all the rooms he's silently wept in over the last two years.


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