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Ex-Lax Player Turned Banker May Be Going To Jail For Drug Posession, Assaulting Girlfriend With His Lacrosse Stick

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Pop quiz: if, for some reason, your ultimate goal in life was to be the vision of a stereotypical banker douchebag, what boxes would you check off? Lacrosse player? DUIs? A coke habit? Rage problem? A love of crushing hard on Thursday nights so fierce it made you beat up your girlfriend with your lax stick while shouting "You ruined my Thursday night!"? Sovereign Bank employee Daniel Brown's got it all covered.

Manhattan prosecutors are upping the ante against well-heeled Hells Kitchen banker Daniel Brown, accused in a gruesome lacrosse stick sex assault on his girlfriend. Brown, 31, now faces additional felony cocaine possession charges from a stash of drugs recovered from the safe in his W. 57th St. condo, prosecutors said today, in asking that his current $300,000 bail be hiked to $700,000. Prosecutors conceded they have no medical records substantiating the alleged August lacrosse attack, during which Brown is accused of shouting, "You ruined my Thursday night!"

But video recovered from recording equipment in his bedroom closet showed him using a lacrosse stick in an apparent consensual encounter with another women, prosecutors told Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Charles Solomon.

The 25-year-old victim only came forward last month, when she finally broke up with him after a year of repeated abuses and he allegedly barraged her with more than 80 unwanted phone calls and emails. In the past, he's punched her in bed, smashed her face into a mirror and rammed his fist down her throat to make her throw up, the terrified woman has told authorities. Brown makes $120,000 a month at his Sovereign Bank job, and has an open misdemeanor Manhattan drunk driving rap along with a ten-year-old domestic violence conviction from his days at Ohio State University, prosecutors said.

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