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German Banker Involved In "Most Expensive Car Crash In History"

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The fellow pictured at left is 28 year-old German banker Steffen Korbach. He looks pretty happy because he's got that cool shirt on and because the photo was taken prior to his totaling a £1.4million Pagani Zonda F Clubsport Roadster (only one of 25 in the world). Let's hear his story.

Korbach crashed on the A10 autostrada as he was on his way to Milan for the official presentation of a new Pagani Huayra - which he recently ordered. A source said: 'He was driving through roadworks at the speed limit, but when they ended he accelerated up to just over 100kmh (62mph) and hit a pool of surface water which caused the car to aquaplane. 'Even though Steffen is an experienced supercar driver, he couldn't correct the Zonda's position and he collided with the roadside barriers.

'The car doesn't have airbags so he was lucky to escape unharmed - it shows how safe the passengers' cell is in these sorts of cars.' Mr Korbach said that the lively Zonda F Clubsport Roadster can be difficult to control in certain road conditions.

Now the car looks like this:

But don't fret my pets- this story has a happy ending. Korbach and his passenger were unharmed and he's got a bunch of other toys to comfort him during this difficult time.

As well as his new Huayra - Pagani's replacement for the Zonda - Korbach owns two Bugatti Veyrons, two Lamborghinis and a Porsche-based Gemballa Mirage. He has also ordered the new McLaren MP4-12C - widely anticipated to be Britain's greatest ever supercar. The Italian Zonda, with its rear-mounted V12 engine, produces 650bhp and is capable of doing 0-62mph in 3.5 seconds. It has a top speed of 214mph and lapped the Top Gear track quicker than the Bugatti Veyron. Tommy Wareham, director of dealer Super Vettura, said: 'The Pagani Zonda is quite possibly the last ever true-blooded supercar - it's a ferocious poster car for the 21st century.

£1.4m supercar mangled in most expensive smash in history - and driver walks away with a bruise [Daily Mail via BI]


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