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Guess Which Legendary Investor Has Been A Frequent House Guest Of Charlie Sheen?

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Hint: he's had more than 900 "on the money calls," been endorsed as "one of the greats" in this business, shares in Chuck's love of hookers, and his sleepovers at Sheen's may have had something to do with the fact that he was throw out of his house.

Troubled actor Charlie Sheen called into the Dan Patrick Show today to discuss his life currently (he’s “clean across the board,”) what he told the UCLA Bruins baseball team (“stay away from the crack…unless you can manage it socially”), and whether he thinks he’s more valuable to CBS than star first baseman Albert Pujols is to the St. Louis Cardinals.

Sheen also said he donated $10,000 to the UCLA baseball team. He described the nervousness he felt taking batting practice in front of major leaguers Milton Bradley, Coco Crisp, Mike Stanton, and Chase Utley (“Holy crap, I gotta hit in front of these guys.”). Also, Lenny Dykstra is a frequent guest at his house.

In related news, we seem to have embarrassingly missed Nails' 48th birthday, which was last Thursday. Make it up to him with an extra generous gift today.

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