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Guy Who Threatened To Kill 47 US Regulators Would Like To Borrow Some Money

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First off, let it be made clear that this statement should it no way be taken as an advocating of violence or making light of mental illness but: can we just give it up for the absolutely bat shit fucking crazy Vincent McCrudden?

For those who don't recall, He's the money manager who threatened to kill, among others, Mary Schapiro and the head of the CFTC and went so far as to create and "execution list" which he asked people to help cross off names, literally. In one email to a CFTC staffer he wrote, “You fucking corrupt piece of shit! I have let so many of you fucking corrupt mother fuckers off the hook for doing this to my life. You my friend are not getting away with this. I am going to do this my way no and you, you corrupt mother fucking piece of shit are the first on my list! laugh mother fucker…I am going to make you a test case!” In another, vivid imagery involving a midget was used.

Anyway, he's got some legal hurdles to clear before he can get back in the money managing saddle again (and be released from prison, having been twice denied bail) and to that end, he's a little short on cash to cover legal fees. Confident he's got some fans, however, McCruds has set up a website seeking donations:

"If you would like to donate to Vincent's Legal Fund please fill out our Contact Us Page and we will supply you with information how to contribute," says, a Web site devoted to telling McCrudden's "side of the story."

The site was registered by on Jan. 15, according to That's the day after McCrudden was arrested at Newark Airport for allegedly creating an "execution list" naming dozens of current and former financial regulators, including the head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

And hey, while you've got your checkbooks open, feel free to cut one for the new fund Vince will be running once he breaks free- Exceptional Mother Fucking Value.

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