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Guy Who Threatened To Kill 47 US Regulators Would Like To Be Released On Bail

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Remember Vincent McCrudden? He's the guy who arrested last month after years spent threatening to murder, among others, Mary Schapiro, Richard Ketchum, Gary Gensler and various other SEC and CFTC officials (and previously had a section of his website asking people to help him "execute" the plan). In one email to a CFTC staffer he wrote, "You fucking corrupt piece of shit! I have let so many of you fucking corrupt mother fuckers off the hook for doing this to my life. You my friend are not getting away with this. I am going to do this my way no and you, you corrupt mother fucking piece of shit are the first on my list! laugh mother fucker...I am going to make you a test case!" In another, vivid imagery involving a midget was used. Anyway, Vince isn't liking it in jail so much and yesterday his lawyer, Bruce Barket, filed a motion to get him out, using two ironclad arguments for why his client doesn't pose a threat.

Argument number one: Yeah, he sounds like a dangerous lunatic in all his emails but he's been writing those things for years and has never made good on his threats.

"In the dozen or more years he has been writing and speaking to the industry in this manner, [McCrudden] has never taken a single step to harm anyone," Barket wrote in papers filed in Brooklyn federal court.

Argument number two: the one email that allegedly went too far? In which McCrudden said he was going to hire professional hitmen to torture and kill a high-ranking official at the National Futures Association? That wasn't him! Someone else wrote that email and here's how McCrudden's lawyer can tell.

In his motion, Barket said he doubts that his client wrote the violent e-mail, adding that McCrudden's past letters have been peppered with expletives.

"It lacks the vulgarity that is littered in all of his other writings," Barket wrote. "[McCrudden] doesn't string together more than half a sentence before he uses the 'F' word, the 'MF' word, the 'C' word, something."

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