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If You Want To Be Successul In Business, You'd Best Slap On A Pair Of Orange Shorts And A White Tank Top Now

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An oft asked but never conclusively answered question is, "What is the secret to a successful business career?" Is it hard work? Is it perseverance? Is it in-depth research and a top-notch ability to get information first? Is it ass-kissing? Is it wearing a dress and growing breasts? Is it a matter of simply being lucky or surrounding your office with good luck charms? No one's been able to say. Today, however, a heretofore unmentioned method of making it has been raised, and whether you're a first year analyst or a thirty-year veteran looking for new places to recruit talent, I'd suggest taking notes.

According to newly elected Republican state Rep. Julia Hurley, it's spending time working at Hooters. Hurley laid out her argument earlier this month in Hooters Magazine, a kind of alumni publication for former employees that amazingly exists.

Hurley, who works as a consultant and entrepreneur, writes that her experience at Hooters helped prepare her for a run for public office — even when opponents tried to make a campaign issue last summer about her past employment and photos from her modeling career. "I have taken quite a bit of flack from the public at large during my run for State House in Tennessee for being a Hooters Girl," she said. "But I know that without that time in my life I would not be as strong-willed and eager to become successful."

The link also became a direct benefit to her electoral bid when former regular customers made campaign contribution "without question or hesitation," she said. The article appears in the magazine's "Orange Pride Spotlight," which features "the success stories of Hooters Girls both past and present."

Mike McNeil, vice president of marketing for Hooters of America LLC, said in a statement that many of the company's 300,000 former employees alumni are "are destined to do great things."

"There is nothing we like more than to hear from these alumni who talk about how working as a Hooters Girl provided them with the life skills and financial resources necessary to succeed," he said.

GOP lawmaker, Julia Hurley of Lenoir City, credits Hooters for success [Knox News]


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