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Lap Dancer HSBC Analyst Went To Jail For Speaks

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A couple weeks ago, we met Toby Carroll, a New Zealand-born real estate analyst for HSBC currently stationed in Dubai, who’d spent the last two months in prison. Carroll had ended up there after his ex-girlfriend, Priscilla Ferreira, found him and a new girl, Danielle Spencer, in his apartment and proceeded to start slashing curtains, furniture, etc, and go after the Danielle with a knife. The police were called and all three were put in jail.

Carroll has since been freed but faces charges of "sex outside marriage." Last week his ex spoke, denying reports she had been dumped by Carroll a day before she caught him in bed with Spencer, and claiming they were going to get married. Today Spencer, who "lapdanced her way across the USA and Australia" before relocating to Abu Dhabi where she found work "in the property business," has been good enough to add yet more color to the story. The new details include the fact that she was on her second and not first date with Toby when she went back to his place for "coffee," a vivid description of being splayed out on her stomach when Priscilla jumped on top of her and why she didn't fight back.

Spencer and Carroll met and exchanged phone numbers at a party shortly before Christmas. Soon afterwards Carroll, a New Zealander, took Danielle to the Yacht Club. She recalls: ‘The evening had been wonderful, we’d been out to dinner and talked about our lives in Dubai. We had a lot in common. He was smoking-hot, charming, intelligent, had a good job and a top-of-the-range Porsche. He was quite a catch.’

He invited Danielle back to his apartment for coffee and within a few short minutes they were in a passionate clinch on the sofa. They made their way into his bedroom.

Okay, and then what happened?

Danielle says: ‘I saw this white floaty garment and heard a loud Latino voice. I thought the TV had come on. Suddenly I felt someone land on my back and grab my hair. Toby yelled, “Stop it Priscila. What are you doing?”

Did you fight back? And if not, why not?

"I didn’t move, because I had just paid £250 for hair extensions and I didn’t want them falling out two days before Christmas."

From Lap Dancer To Yacht Seller To Bust [Emirates via BI]


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