Legendary Investor Lenny Dykstra Makes A Few Predictions About The Banks Who Stole From Him, The Asses Of People Who Mock Him And Charlie Sheen


Nails laid it all out on the table during an interview with Howard Eskin, who he last told, “I’m a lightning rod for money; after we’re done talking today when you’re walking to your car you’ll probably find 100 bucks.”

* On JPMorgan, who Nails describes as the criminals who "stole" his money: "I'm going to beat them and show others how to do the same."

* On Charlie Sheen, and his upcoming career prospects: "I wouldn't be surprised if you'd see Major League 3, starring Charlie." [Nails won't act in the flick but will advise Sheen as to how people talk in the locker room.]

* On how he'd do playing ball today: "I couldn't strike out 185 times if I went up to the plate without a bat."

* On "all those people laughing and mocking me," "they're going to feel it in the backdoor...if you know what I mean."

Lenny Dykstra Interview [Dan Patrick]


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