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Legendary Investor Lenny Dykstra Makes A Few Predictions About The Banks Who Stole From Him, The Asses Of People Who Mock Him And Charlie Sheen

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Nails laid it all out on the table during an interview with Howard Eskin, who he last told, “I’m a lightning rod for money; after we’re done talking today when you’re walking to your car you’ll probably find 100 bucks.”

* On JPMorgan, who Nails describes as the criminals who "stole" his money: "I'm going to beat them and show others how to do the same."

* On Charlie Sheen, and his upcoming career prospects: "I wouldn't be surprised if you'd see Major League 3, starring Charlie." [Nails won't act in the flick but will advise Sheen as to how people talk in the locker room.]

* On how he'd do playing ball today: "I couldn't strike out 185 times if I went up to the plate without a bat."

* On "all those people laughing and mocking me," "they're going to feel it in the backdoor...if you know what I mean."

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