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Lenny Dykstra Takes Page From Jim Cramer's Playabook, Endorses Charlie Sheen As A "F*cking Genius"

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If there's one thing Jim Cramer taught Lenny Dysktra, it's the value of a good endorsement for a good pal. Several years back Cramer spoke highly of Nails' investing skills, telling HBO that the former ballplayer didn't just have a knack for money managing but that he was "one of the greats" in this business. In the ensuing years, Dykstra got thrown out of his house, caught defecating on the floor, had his private planes repossessed, lived in a car and was accused of bouncing a check to a stripper but now he's doing great, possibly thanks to Jim. In an effort to pay it forward, Dykstra is doing the same for his best bud, Charlie Sheen. Nails told reporters over the weekend that Sheen is "perfect," among other things.

Lenny Dykstra, who has weathered the storms of scandal himself over the years, but is quick to heap praise on his friend, insisted in an exclusive interview with that "Charlie is a rock star, he's perfect, and he's a f**king genius."

Dykstra was a guest at Sheen's major league baseball gathering at his million dollar mansion in Los Angeles last Friday. The Two And A Half Men star had an impressive guest list that included SF Giants pitcher Brian "The Beard" Wilson, Kenny Lofton, Todd Zeile, and Eddie Murray. The athletes all joined Sheen for a private screening of his classic baseball flick Major League.

"I went to his house for the party and it was great!" Dykstra told, going on to share that "Charlie is sober and is doing really good."

In related news, Dykstra also told Radar that he and Chuck are hanging out again this week, when they go house hunting in Beverly Hills for Nails' new pad.

Charlie Sheen Is A Rock Star [Radar via Deadspin


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