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One Week Sex Diary Of Finance Guy Doesn't Leave Much Room For Work, Among The Ten Pairs Of Breasts, Foursomes


Unless he's just really good at time management, one firm is getting screwed 'cause in only short week this guy felt up and got fellated by a 'stewardess' who bangs him every time she passes through town, attended a swingers party with said stewardess, AKA Air Vixen, watched a room full of guys jerk off to her, had a foursome at the Waldorf Astoria with Air V and a random couple they met (which starts with AV requesting lesbian porn "since those sites are blocked in the country she lives in"), ate fried chicken with and banged his ex-boss, had an hour of "lazy foreplay" and "sex by candlelight" with a blonde South African, saw a movie with a nurse from New Jersey, had drinks at the W in midtown (which he likes for its "sexy vibe created by the fireplace, low music and couches") with another nurse who he later slept with but who didn't 'ejaculate' like she said she usually does, had appetizers with a Brazilian girl and her roommate, danced with a Polish girl, and attended an "erotic party" where the theme was "Roaring Twenties," a "potent sense of excitement filled the air" and things end like this (it's SFW):

3 a.m.: I pleasure a few women and have sex twice with a woman (anal the second time) with glitter on her chest (from another woman who was on top of her) and a tongue piercing. She takes my number and Facebooks me two days later. Go home with my date and a farewell gift of a vibrator.

Plus, maybe put in a few hours of work? Or not.

The 34 Year-Old Finance Guy With a Girl (or Two) Every Night [Daily Intel]