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Ponzi Schemer's Wife May Salvage Life With Job At Scores

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Diane Passage is the wife of accused Ponzi schemer Kenneth Starr, who last fall announced that while she's not technically (or at all) single, she's out there and ready to mingle with men who are not currently in jail awaiting sentencing for white collar crimes (she also noted that while husband number one is a millionaire, she's looking for a billionaire when it comes to the new guy). In addition, she's looking to keep herself busy by becoming a reality TV star, on a show that follows women who work as pole dancers.

Though it's been a few years since she actually got paid to dance, producers say that's not a problem.

A rep for Scores Media Group confirmed, "We auditioned 40 girls today. One was Diane, but there are only five spots on the show, which is about life behind the velvet curtain. We were auditioning girls who currently or formerly worked for Scores. If Diane gets the role, she'd have to work at Scores New York. They'll be filmed at work, but there will be no nudity. There will also be footage of the girls going about their daily lives."

Passage Back To Strip Pole [NYP]


Former Scores Stripper Took Cash in Ponzi Scheme

In the land of mini-Madoff’s, Kenneth Starr isn’t the biggest one out there. But, he did have a list of A-list clients that rivals only Bernie himself. Plus, his wife was a stripper at Scores, which is a lot more than you can say for Ruth Madoff.