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President Mubarak: Mistakes Could Happen In Any Government!

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Let's not point fingers, mmkay? He'll be staying in office in an advisory role through September, delegating some power to Vice President Omar Suleiman. And...not to be a dick, he hates to be a dick but...he's not really interested in what anyone has to say about that.

"I have to respond to your calls, but I am also embarrassed and I will not accept to listen to any foreign interventions or dictations, regardless of their sources and regardless of their excuses and alibis. My dear sons and daughters, my dear citizens and brothers, I have told in many statements before that I will not nominate myself for the next presidential election and that I will be satisfied with what I have done to the country and the homeland for more than 60 days during the years of war."

In related news, protesters are demanding the Army "take back the palace by force."

A Defiant Mubarak Refuses to Step Down [NYM, additionally: WSJ, CNBC]


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