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Shareholders Take Note: New Information Emerges From Brawl At Denny's

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Earlier this week, we did a little bit of analysis on behalf of Denny's largest shareholders (including BlackRock, Wellington Management, State Street, GAMCO, Citigroup, Two Sigma, and AQR) to help them decide whether or not they should increase their stakes in DENN on account of a physical altercation that took place between a couple patrons (our findings said yes). For those who missed it, let's review the tape.

At the time, reports noted that the scene above started when one group of diners, finding themselves sans syrup, asked the table over if they could borrow theirs, which resulted in the response, "Bitch, your pancakes look fine to me!" and the above mêlée. The police report, however, tells another tale, one which is not entirely clear but seems to involve the respective parties all being at the same bar and independently making the decision to head to Denny's, cutting each other off on the road en route.

According to a Chicopee Police Department report, the male and female brawlers (whose names were redacted from the document) had departed the Maximum Capacity bar when their respective cars were involved in several vehicular confrontations. The fighters, as it turned out, were all headed to the chain restaurant. “Both vehicles arrived at Denny’s at the same time and words were exchanged in the parking lot,” cops noted.

Inside, it wasn’t long before punches began flying. A Denny’s manager told investigators “that he observed an argument outside between the aforementioned parties.”

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